1) Karlheinz Stockhausen

"ZUNGENSPITZENTANZ" for Eb clarinet and Ensemble

(Excerpt first part)        LISTEN

(Excerpt final part)       LISTEN

from CD 59 of the Stockhausen complete edition, recorded in 2003 at STUDIO N, Cologne


2) Karlheinz Stockhausen    "TIERKREIS" version for basset horn and string orchestra by Stefano Pierini


SCORPIO                  LISTEN

CANCER                   LISTEN



Live recording, Torino, November 10th 2010, "ARCHI" string orchestra, Michele Marelli basset horn


3) Karlheinz Stockhausen

"UVERSA- XVI STUNDE aus KLANG" for basset horn and electronic music (3 layers from COSMIC PULSES)

excerpt "...MICHAELE"   LISTEN

excerpt  "UVERSAs..."      LISTEN

from CD 93 of the Stockhausen Complete Edition, recorded in July 2010


4) Sir Peter Maxwell Davies 

"The seven brightnesses"  for clarinet alone (last part)      LISTEN

Recorded in 1997 at  "Bottega del suono" - Alessandria                                


5) Alberto Colla

"The spiked and winding cold seahorn" for basset horn (first part)     LISTEN

Recorded in 2000 at  "Bottega del suono" - Alessandria